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About Dr. Gera

Author Coach | India Book Record Holder

Dr. Gera is a renowned author in India who has written 5 books and was recognized by the India Book of Records in 2014. As the leading Authentic Author Coach in India, he offers over 10 templates to guide aspiring writers to complete their work efficiently.

Dr. Gera has developed a proven system for writing a book, which requires only 45 productive hours to finish. By publishing a book, you can establish a powerful personal brand and gain celebrity status as an author.

With over 500 successful projects completed, Dr. Gera offers a fast and personalized coaching runway to help aspiring authors go from idea to publication.

His mission is to create over 5000 new authors within the next year, and with his guidance, you could become one of them. Start your journey to becoming a published author today with Dr. Gera's expert coaching.

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