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Believe Your Story

A young beautiful boy and his friends fight against an evil dark man who is also a wizard or a magician and aims to get immortal. This wicked man can go to any extent to achieve his malicious purpose and hence overthrows all the other ruling magic ministries and defeats the other wizards and common people. He can get violent, cruel and even manipulative to attain immortality.

How does this narrative sound to you? Supernatural? Unrealistic? Weird or a bad idea? Well, maybe all of the above. But this is the story of the epic novel and movie ‘The Harry Porter’ written by JK Rowling.

Her creative vision and dream of a bespectacled boy and his wizardly world got her to pen down her idea of the very first Harry Porter Series ‘The Philosophers Stone’. This book when published mesmerized the world and got her the unbelievable success and wealth we see today.

Well the moral of this inspiring life journey of a strong willed lady is that your one idea, story or thought may never be awful or hopeless. It may just unlock someone else’s prison. So don’t be afraid to share it.

If you have a story or a sketch in mind which you wish to pen down and transform to a book then first and foremost believe it. Have confidence and believe your own story ardently and passionately. It could be your own life journey you wish to share, a fiction love novel you created, a non-fiction manual of facts and information or even a wild horror story you have never experienced or seen.

Whatever is your story outline or a sketch it is extremely important that you believe it to the fullest with your heart and soul. Having complete faith and pride in your idea boosts up your creativity, zeal and expressions. What is needed is to be fearless in expressing your innate thoughts, fascinations and emotions with the help of words.

The most unusual and peculiar dream can perhaps turn out to be the most fabulous one which you would be surprised at. Pour out your heart and your fascinations on the rough draft which would give the basic structure to your book. Now this can be fine-tuned later however, it is these wild thoughts that create the base of every masterpiece.

Having faith in your story also brings out honestly and passion in your words and language which is heartfelt by the readers. It is very often reflected in the overall manuscript and being devoted to your work with complete heart and soul is the key to create an exceptional output.

Do not worry of others perceptions or reaction when you write. If you worry about the response or write for the readers you can never do justice to your vision. Keeping your audience in mind is necessary however; it should not dominate the creativity.

If you don’t believe your story then no one else would. The great writers have all felt a sense of passion and love for their work which is one reason their script has been nothing but artful and marvelous.

Books like ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ by J.R.R. Tolkien, ‘Alice In The Wonderland’ by Lewis Caroll or even ‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari’ by Robin Sharma were all  piece of masterwork and magnum opus.

It is right said that a write is an artist. The power of believing something which does not exist is the art only an artist beholds. Hold no more and go bold with that exquisite and unique flow of thoughts you have been weaving in yourself. Put them in to words and share with the rest of the world. Coz you CAN create what you believe and what you believe can influence the life of millions. And that’s what a writer can do. ‘By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it’ – Franz Kafka.

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