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Career Accelerator Formula

Career Accelerator is an empowering Formula shared by Deepa Chandrasekaran who strongly believes that every individual can be a ‘leader’ provided they discover and build on their innate qualities and personal power.

She has given an elaborate and thoughtful narrative on Career Strategy, The Accelerator Formula and the core skills needed to succeed in today’s disruptive times.

Deepa Chandrasekaran resonates todays growing issue of career stagnancy. With the limited opportunities only a very few lot gets progress and growth in their career. This leaves a major population left behind frustrated and demotivated.

She attempts to share the Career Accelerator Formula which is instrumental in transforming the professional individuals and opening up a developing path leading to their aspirations and dreams.

The book communicates the challenges, complexities, unpredictability and competition faced by the corporate world today and how these can hamper the high energies and talent pool in most of the organizations.

This transforming Formula involves stages like self-discovery, skill acquisition and delivering options which are helpful in overcoming this stagnant phase common to most of the working professionals.

She has offered a helping hand by collating this book which outlines very powerful and proven theories like SWOT Analysis, Pareto Principle, Stephen Coveys Time Management Matrix, The Four Stages of Learning by Noel Burch, Elevation Pitch and Tim Bakers Framework of Influence. Engaging and learning activities in the form of Call Out Actions are also added making it easy and effective.

Taking a quick glimpse on the book, it talks about how thoughts, beliefs and values impact the behavior of individuals which is vital for the overall prosperity in career, relationships, health, money, society and image building.  Just like an iceberg these principles remain buried within us only to be reflected in our outlook to circumstances.

Visualizing the process of achieving goals and affirmation of the positivity are some powerful techniques which invites new pattern of thinking and successfully dealing with challenges.

Time Management, Self-Management, Goal Setting, Personal Branding, Networking, Influencing skills and self-discipline are strengthening practices which channelizes energies and talent to success and growth and ensures 80% of rewards are achieved with 20% of efforts.

It is of extreme importance to understand the true meaning of these ideologies and put them to use very subtly while managing circumstances and people.

A brilliant and result oriented book which integrates day-to-day challenges to learning, philosophy, theories and practices. The author re-enforces the reality that stagnancy and descendent graph is inevitable in most of the careers but the other side to the coin is that it is not permanent.

The need of the hour is that we recognize our competency and work on the priorities rightly. Developing skills equivalently designs career. With commitment and consistency any task can be handled and overcome.

Conveying the most authoritative message, Deepa Chandrasekaran stresses on the need of adopting a rational and logical approach in ambiguous situations. Foreseeing future upcoming and understanding nitty-gritty is a quality which can make you stand apart from others.

The author concludes with an inspiring, stimulating and energizing thought -With a clear vision, true efforts and minor tit-bits this phase can easily be overcome and reversed.

Positive thinking, rock solid determination and consistent efforts is all it takes. Fuel your senses and boost your career graph with the power of skill, knowledge and hard work.

And then there is no looking back because ‘Limits Exists only In the Mind’!

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