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Colours of Life

Emotions are the most important and widely recognizable part of our lives. They are just like colours; some are more sombre, and some are more vibrant. Some make us feel upset, some make us feel happy. The book “Colours of Life” is an embodiment of the vast range of the colours and emotions that we come across in our lives. The book isn’t just a collection of poems; it’s an abstract painting, a vast palette of emotions. In this book, the author goes over various topics such as love, sadness, a woman’s life, and many more. Based on the practical experiences of one’s life, all poems are written from the heart. Each poem is embedded with its own thoughts; strong, complex, vibrant. But all of them, expressed onto paper, in a beautiful, simple way. Each poem reflects the author’s sparkling personality.

The author has visited many countries across the globe and has experienced a wide variety of cultures. She can interact in 5 different languages. This allows her to channel her experiences and pour them into her writings. Reading this book will take you through a new dimension, as you discover the world of emotions through colours. Grab your copy now at https://amzn.to/3lbTMhL

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