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His Encounter with Love

Emotions are the biggest drive and core of human life which not only decides but also drives every action and choice we make.

Atanu Sinha has exhibited very realistic and nostalgic emotions felt over the course of life. Right from school to college life and early adulthood he has tried to depict the phases of challenges, struggles, ambitions, fun, pleasures, passion, love and companionship.

‘His Encounter with Love’ is an excellent read for those who wish to re-live their young days. Youth who are currently in academy can relate to each and every incident mentioned in the book which reaches out to most of the complex and ambiguous emotions often unnoticed or unspoken.

The storyline revolves around a young man Ridam and the course of his growing and evolving emotions as he matures from a young boy to an adult working married man. 

Ridam falls in love with Hrishita during school days and their growing bonding is abruptly put to brake due to her father’s relocation and this opens Ridam’s heart towards Sangeet who he meets in his college group.

A lot of twists and turns surround Ridam in the wake of keeping up his friendship and trying to fit in. Rivalry, friendship and adolescent aggression is so excellently blended that the readers would be totally immersed in the story.

Ridam ultimately lands in to a legal mess and takes years to come out of it. Meanwhile his relation with Sangeet gets distanced.

The story takes an interesting turn from college ragging, politics to the emotional whirlpool and confusions a young heart goes through. Attachment, attraction and love are often mixed and jumbled emotions and the book attempts to reflect a clear differentiation ensuring relations are not strained in the entire misperception.

The uncertainty remains as to who Ridam would finally choose as his soul mate and what goes in his mind to make this decision. Atanu Sinha has done a heart crunching representation of the pain undergone due to loss in the family and separation and departing from your loved ones

Teenage attraction, college love, friendship, parenthood, passion, romance, intimacy, academic stress, hostel life challenges and struggles, friendship, rivalry – so many relations and their related sentiments are covered in one story which makes it exceptional and empowering.

Atanu has used day to day simple language to portray naïve, innocent and heart felt outlook. A very loud message that the heart is the strongest organ in human body and this decides anything and everything we do, think and believe.

He has also passed a beautiful message that destiny pre-decides our choices and that emotions survives and lives with us eternally. There is no time limit on feelings and relationships and they are the most valuable asset one can behold to live a happy and fulfilling life.

No matter how tough situations get, being hopeful, strong and optimistic is the best ammunition we can fuel our spirits with.

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