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Journey to India’s Freedom 1858 - 1948: An Untold Story" by Dr. Raja Bhaumik (Vol. I and Vol. II)

In the annals of history, India's journey to freedom is a tale of unyielding determination, courage, and resilience. Dr. Raja Bhaumik's two-volume masterpiece, "Journey to India’s Freedom 1858 - 1948," is a treasure trove of knowledge that unravels the untold story of India's quest for independence. 📖✨

🌟 Volume I and Volume II of this remarkable work set out to capture the essence of an era where a nation's spirit soared, and a collective dream was born. It meticulously recounts the historical events that shaped India's road to freedom and culminated in the transfer of power in August 1947.

🔍 Dr. Raja Bhaumik's intention is clear: to provide a comprehensive account of the Indian freedom movement, encompassing both the revolutionary fervor and the philosophy of non-violence. This holistic approach is a powerful means of offering readers a panoramic view of the struggle for independence. 🤝✌️

📚 Extensive research forms the backbone of this work, with the author drawing from numerous resources to present a thorough understanding of the historical tapestry. A detailed bibliography is thoughtfully included to encourage further exploration.

🌍 The books shed light not only on the events within British India but also on the global stage during the tumultuous periods of World War I and II. These global dynamics significantly influenced India's path to freedom. The critical role of the Indian National Army under the leadership of Netaji Subhas Bose takes center stage, underscoring the impact of this formidable force.

The uncertainty that loomed over the loyalty of the British India Army, compelling the British to make the fateful decision to exit India, is an aspect often overlooked in the broader narrative of India's independence.

💥 The pages of this book reveal numerous lesser-known facts, providing readers with a unique perspective on the journey to India's freedom. One of the most significant contributions is the detailed account of the pivotal role played by revolutionaries, dispelling the myth that India's independence was achieved solely through non-violent means.

🌅 In the end, it was the collective efforts of countless individuals, be they revolutionaries, non-violent protestors, or leaders, that brought forth the dawn of freedom in India. "Journey to India’s Freedom 1858 - 1948" by Dr. Raja Bhaumik stands as a testament to the spirit of a nation and its unwavering pursuit of liberty. 🌄🙌

Discover the UNTOLD story of India's struggle for independence in this compelling two-volume masterpiece. 🇮🇳📚 #IndianIndependence #UntoldStory #HistoricalJourney

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