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LIFE ON TRACK - Abhishek Majithia

Life on Track is a philosophical doze on self-development and productive changes we need in today’s monotonous and hectic life. It talks about some life changing lessons and habits which are instrumental in knocking off the emptiness, hopelessness and negativity we subconsciously build within.

Abhishek Majithia has been exceedingly creative and imaginative in co-relating the Mumbai local train drives to the journey of life and how travelling in a local train actually teaches us some significant lessons which can be so simple yet forgotten.

He has displayed the power of positivity and the will to learn by a life taking event he himself faced in the terminal station.  The incident struck him so much that he could only reel back his entire life and what he was missing out on, something which is not so uncommon.

This eye opening tragic incident could only inspire him to share the gift of lifetime he has acquired with others who may be going through similar pattern of thoughts, problems and struggles.

Abhishek attempts to communicate a very powerful and simple message that Life is not a race to reach a destination. It is a beautiful journey where every moment has to be cherished and lived to the fullest. It is these small moments which give a fulfilling and memorable experience and purpose to our existence.

The author has spoken about ten excellent wisdom and thought for life relating to the Mumbai Local Trains and how these daily train trips has helped him pen down these morals of life.

He has compared travelling light in trains to travelling light in life with as less baggage as possible. Avoiding negativity, grudges and emotional baggage is crucial to live a stress free life. Similarly an excellent compare between preference to travel with a companion to living life with a companion and friends reflects the importance of relations.

Some other amazing and meaningful insights are discussed like the importance of having a goal plan in life, the virtue of forgiveness and understanding others, calling out for help in difficult times and making mistakes to learn from them.

He has mentioned very thoughtful and simple rules to life which are worth to be encompassed and embraced. That life is what we make out of it. We create the meaning of our life with our own actions and thoughts. Living the small moments of life is the only secret to happiness and joy. He has demystified a famous quote ‘Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it”.

Gratitude and Appreciation is an essential quality we need to behold and yearn to live with. We are blessed with countless comforts and benefits unlike many others and being grateful for this wellbeing only makes us more humble and content. Be happy and smile more often. It is one curve which straightens a lot of problems. Many of us may leave behind this inexpensive technique because the potential of a smile of often underestimated. But it is one simple way to get your life back on track.

Be passionate, be content and live your life to the fullest. Try to unfold the self-awareness onion and learn to let go. What is negative is not important. Count your blessings and not your sorrows.

And remember, every day is a new life to a happy man!

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