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Love You – An Interactive book on Self-Leadership



This book contains self-mastery secrets that can change your life and the environment you live in.

  • 5 Level Model of Self-Leadership. (A model that can help you to tap the dormant virgin energy.)

  • Thought- Vicious cycle. (How to break the never-ending vicious cycle consciously?)

  • 4 Scenario of taking Action, results, and the corresponding impact.

  • Negotiation Technique that can win your heart.

  • 7 Mantras of Self-love.

  • 9 Mantras of Know-thyself.

  • 125 Original self-mastery Quotes

  • Participant’s responses and feedback.

  • Real incidents.

  • Conceptual situations.

Here, at last, a book, the most interactive form of love is handcrafted with great care, a real gift you could present to yourself is all set to date with you.

First time ever, self-leadership is explained in a new dimension, in its subtler form for understanding the importance and power it has in leading a beautiful life.

This book is a mixture of Love, Romance, Conflict, Communication, Belief, Emotions, Negotiation, Desire, and Leadership.

The secret of self-leadership, the search of the unknown is initiated…


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