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Men’s Rights are Human Rights Too: A manifesto

The Men's Rights Manifesto of Newsofx[.]com falls under the premise of equal justice for all, men and women alike, but in which case it is necessary to acknowledge men separately from women due to men being exempt from consideration in acquiring an equal status to women or even considered at all except per negative acknowledgement. This includes blame and rights taken from men. Men's differences from women must weigh-in per an equal compromise rather than used to place women above men. Both feminists and traditionalists/chivalrists fail to provide any distinction in support or consideration of men due to extreme female bias and male hatred (misandry), with both (one old, one new) factions being a mere continuance of the past catering to women and demeaning men as disposable pawns for women.

Paperback (For India): https://amzn.to/3nvI9Ty

Kindle(World Wide):http://amzn.in/7Ytx4tr

Paperback(Kindle Direct Publishing Supported Countries): https://www.amazon.com/Mens-Rights-are-Human-Too/dp/1699519951

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