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Parenteening Made Simple: 7 Principles that unlock 'Positive Teenage Parenting – Author Hema Vinod

Teacher, International Educationist, humanitarian with the UN, Life/ Parenting Coach and Parenting Author. Here is her story:

I grew up in Kolkata, India, which is a most amazing city. After completing my postgraduate studies, I started working in a school, as an Assistant Principal. Thus began my three-decade-long experience in the field of Education.

In 1990, my family and I moved to DRC,(Zaire, back then) Africa. At that time, my son was a year old. I was working in the Zaire British Association School. However, due to civil unrest in 1991, we had to leave and come back to India. In 1996, we went back to Uganda, (this time with the addition of my younger son) where we lived for 13 years. While in Uganda, in 2005, I joined the UN and subsequently was able to work in various countries serving in the field of education. I count my experience of living in different countries as a real eye-opener as it allowed me to learn about varied cultures and ways of life. Each country had its charm and uniqueness, which I will always carry memories of. Many of the countries I worked in, were conflict-affected so I know the trauma which people face when their country is affected by war.

In March 2020, I returned to India around the time the world was in the grip of Covid 19. During the lockdown period, I qualified as a professional Coach and focused on writing my book, 'Parenteening Made Simple'. As the title suggests, the book is aimed at supporting parents in their parenting journey. My work in education, my experiences as a mother/coach have supported me in writing my book. My mission is to reach teenagers and their parents as the teenage years happen to be one of the most challenging periods in an individual’s life, as it is a transition between childhood and adulthood. Preparation for the teen years must begin much earlier, so my book is also very relevant for parents of pre-teen children. I have formed a group called TEEN, consisting of professional women working together to supports parents and teens.

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