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Storyize Your Message

The title ‘Storyize your Message’ is descriptive enough to denote the crux of the book that storyizing the message or sharing stories can be the most effective way to convey powerful messages.

The author Padmakumar Ananthakrishnan stresses on the importance of effective speaking and influential communication through story telling.  It is exceedingly essential for corporates to keep their employees, stake holders, customers or even investors engaged and inspired and storyizing messages has been proven to be a cutting edge solution here.

He also establishes an important point that productive and visionary connections are essential in every stream and industry. Be it business, law, medicine, teaching or consulting engaging discussions and inspiring words enhance interpersonal relations and create a brand.

Story telling here implies usage of resourceful and enlightening anecdotes, examples, metaphors, stories or illustrations. These serve as a powerful tool to grab people’s attention and conveying the message you desire to pass in the most interesting and engaging manner.

As quoted by Muriel Rukeseyer ‘The universe is made of stories not atoms’. Including the struggle journey, success stories or biographies of renowned personalities, established business professionals or self-experienced incidents can add a magical spark and inspire the audience to no end.

These can be endeavored in seminars, motivational speeches, feedbacks and even educational lectures. What needs to be kept in mind is that these stories need to be related wisely to stimulate thoughts and energize spirits.

Padmakumar has also focused on how the Sales team often uses this technique to create a personal touch. If the customers can connect to you at an emotional level then they would simply want to be a part of it. And that’s the secret to enhance sales.

The book provides very informative and helpful content on the benefits, impacts and drawbacks of adding narratives and motivating episodes. The author has also incorporated several narratives and encouraging experiences all through the book to be able to deliver the intended message rightly.

The instrumental learning and awareness readers can benefit from this book is that stories are very powerful and professional provided they are told properly and for the right purpose.  They increase the flow of dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins in the brains.

This masterpiece concludes by stating an eye opening discussion – Beliefs are the foundation of human behavior and stories are the best way to influence beliefs.

The author has brilliantly attempted to enable and help develop this transforming and enthralling skill of storyizing to improvise and develop more and more lives.

Story telling can be the most powerful tool to Ideate, Inspire and Evolve!

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