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The Courage to love

Love is the best feeling that can happen to anyone. Roshan Horo has painted the various angels and shadows of this erupting emotion felt by almost every one. Love has no boundaries and no conditions. It can be felt by any age group, gender or personality.

The Courage to Love is the depiction and confession of a love story which sails through the evolving phases of life. He has tried to visualize every lover’s dream and belief that love can do miracles and has the energy to change the world.

The story talks about the buddying love life in campus and how it sweeps away all other senses and relation. He stresses on the need to be mindful and heartfelt when getting in to a relation. Love can be blind. It can happen anytime and anywhere. It maybe with someone who may be poles apart from us and yet we find them so close to our heart.

Love in college may be a bed of roses with friendship, fun and a lot of romance. But as the initial attraction passes away and as we come across matured and growing circumstances, this relation needs to survive the real life challenges. There comes a point when misunderstandings and disputes arise.

Varying priorities and beliefs come in the way of togetherness and that’s when couples realize their differences. Roshan very responsibly states that it is better to part with that someone special who is not meant for you and be happy than staying in an unhappy relation.

The book revolves around Rahul who is a well settled and an eligible bachelor set to marry an independent yet traditional beautiful girl called Soumya who has always believed in the purity of arranged marriage. 

Her parent’s selection, Rahul has strengthened this belief further and now she has to face the biggest revelation he was about to make. Rahul confesses his first love in campus days with Sweety and their unsettled love relation.

Aghast, how does Soumya take this shock and how would this change the course of their relation. Would she understand his love for another women?

The book passes a beautiful and heart touching message that love can have various faces. It can be in the form of friendship, romance, and attachment or even sometimes ‘unnamed’. There comes a stage where we still love that special someone but cannot name that feeling which is deep buried inside.

The Courage to Love also emphasizes on a unique, very realistic yet ignored fact that ‘marriages are made in heaven’. True love can be found in arranged marriages as well. It does not necessarily need to find a lover and have a pre-marital relation.

A lot of couples have found their soul mate in their life partner and are living a blissful married life. After all, what matters is love. It doesn’t matter where it comes from. Love is meant for every one and God has selected that someone for everyone. We only need to recognize and accept it.

Overall, this book stands to be a great learning and an eye opener in understanding relations and love. The author has so elegantly attempted to narrate the importance of accepting oneself as they are and not trying to change our personality for anyone else. While embracing differences we need to strike the right balance between the differences and similarities to keep the relation healthy and happy.

Every relation reaches a stage where their thinking and beliefs clashes. But it is extremely important to equilibrate and stay strong!

After all, Love is forever!

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