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Don’t let your dream of writing and publishing a book die. Don’t let your words (or your ideas) get lost before you get them down on paper or published. If you’re feeling unmotivated, blocked, in the need of guidance, overwhelmed, or in any way deterred by the publishing process, you need an Author Coach!

Even with a great idea and writing ability, the path to becoming a published author can feel long, arduous and lonely. There is no reason for you to travel that path alone. Get the support, education, resources, and motivation you need to make your dream of successful authorship a reality.

How do I help you

  • Book proposal

  • Business plan for your book

  • Mind map of your book

  • Writing a plan for your book

  • Blog and website plan

  • Build a solid business around your book

  • Your best publication path

  • Amazon listing

  • social media or promotion strategy

  • Write without writing a single word

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