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Five Gifts that shaped my life

This is a book which can get you nostalgic and take you back in the memory lanes of the mischiefs, innocence and little joys of childhood days.

‘Five Gifts that shaped my life’ is an emotional and expressive tale portraying the relation and bonding of a son and grandfather. Samar Deep Singh has excellently drawn a heart touching picture of the attachment and connection of the two genres and how they have affected each other’s lives and added meaning to it with their presence and lovable gestures.

The author enunciates the story of a child called Ron who belongs to a British descendant family settled in Dehradun. As his bonding grows with his Grandfather, his outlook and realization on life takes a major turn.

While Ron’s innocence and love brings a ray of joy in the old man’s life, he in turn shapes the personality and character of his little grandson by involving him in the morale fictional stories and fearless, educational and enjoyable tasks.

Some amazing lessons that come across very inspiringly between the grandfather and son are – people waste time in following the path of others while they should create their own, the necessity of believing in oneself, fear is a disability of human kind, everything has logic in life and that parents are the only secret to attain success in life.

Samar Deep has struck a very unique and rare thought which has always been unthought-of.  That every student must visit their father’s office to get to know how hard they work. Well, that’s an applauding and fundamentally re-in forcing message to the young generation in terms of handling success, valuation of relations and understanding the true meaning of life.

A great depth in the meaning and message can be felt and taken back in the real life which has been so seamlessly and colloquially narrated. The duo gets involved in unique activities like cracking the glass museum, robbers cave, time machine etc., which help the son learn important and valuable lessons of life.

The book is an amazing read and a great learning for all age groups to understand each other’s perception and be sensitive towards the same. The book can be considered as a valuable endowment for the seniors to understand on how they can be creative and inclusive when bringing up their kids and instill the most valuable ethics and beliefs.

Some aspects may amaze the readers when the grandfather nick named as ‘Dadu’ creatively impacts the mindset of his dear grandson with exceptionally distinctive, gratifying and purposeful gifts. The significant five gifts he presents on every birthday signify one lesson which hold the power to stay with Ron for a lifetime.

An Hourglass teaching to respect time which never comes back, a magnifying glass to be logical at every step, a mirror needed to be true to oneself, a Violin which would remind him to enjoy life at every stage and a collection of colored marbles which signifies gathering memories which makes a life.

Five gifts that shaped my life is a prolific and entailing collection of thoughts, feelings and subconscious learning. The author has sketched a very naive picture of childhood which is a part of life creating beautiful memories and stays in our hearts forever.

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